Digital paintings of RMS Titanic and other great ocean liners by Daryl Toh Liem Zhan.


We have two major announcements!

Our first announcement: After a week or so of work, we’ve built up an official website. Here, you can explore a large amount of new content, including more in-game images, and a massive amount of behind the scenes information, including progress charts, story details, and EVEN CHARACTER IMAGES. Our website also includes a page of information about the ship with a lot of great tidbits about Titanic and her sisters.

Here’s our new official website link. Spread it around!


More will come in time; we hope to eventually add a forum, and keep our blogs and content updating constantly. We will continue to keep Facebook and Tumblr up to date, but the website will always be the first place to find new things, and you’ll even find a lot of exclusive content there from here on.

Our second announcement: Now that Epic Games’ Unreal 4 game engine has been released publicly, we are happy to announce that we are now working with Unreal 4, and our recent in game images were all from the formerly exclusive Unreal 4. Some of the games you might be familiar with, like the Mass Effect, Bioshock, and Gears of War series use Unreal Engine.

Read about the switch here:


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Vasa is a Swedish XVII century warship and one of Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions. No wonder since it is also the oldest, and probably best preserved, shipwreck to date.

Wait, this is the one that sank right in the harbor in front of basically everyone, right?

yep, the very same and on her maiden voyage as well. 

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Titanic Groups On Facebook!

While the Honor and Glory team thoroughly enjoys sharing with all of you the work we do to recreate Titanic, there’s much more to Titanic and the Titanic experience than renderings of the ship. There’s a whole community one can engage in, and here you’ll find a sampling of places to go for just that.

If you’re on Facebook and you’re interested in any and every aspect of the Titanic, or her sister ships Olympic and Britannic, and you enjoy discussing these ships with others, then you should definitely join these groups.

The White Star Liners: Olympic - Titanic - Britannic


A group dedicated to the trio of White Star Line liners to which Titanic belonged. Topics of discussion vary, usually focusing on the ships themselves and their history. The group has an active membership that includes some recognizable names in the Titanic community.

Titanic Historical Society, Inc. Official Facebook Page


The official Facebook group for the Titanic Historical Society.

Modeling the Olympic Class: Titanic, Olympic, and Britannic Recreated


A group specifically for models of the Olympic Class Liners. People can share both physical and virtual models, showing them as they’re built or finished, and discussing the process of modeling these ships and techniques used to do it.

The Titanic Bibliophile Page


A group for collectors of Titanic books or those interested in such books, to discuss and share collections and books.

Titanic Passengers and Crew Research Group


A group for the serious and in-depth discussion of Titanic’s passengers and crew and the history and stories that surround them.

Please Note:

  • Most or all of these groups are private or “closed”, meaning you must join them in order to view content and contribute.
  • Please follow the groups’ respective rules and guidelines for discussion and posting.
  • All groups have passionate and dedicated memberships, some of which include a number of notable Titanic/Olympic Class historians, researchers, and authors.

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there is a time and a place to let it go

why did i laugh at this




there is a time and a place to let it go

why did i laugh at this



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hurricane-artstuff asked: how do you feel about the fact that an animated disney-style musical of the Titanic exists?



seriously, do not speak to me of this abomination. 

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And here’s the finished custom cover jackets for the books in the previous post. 'A Night To Remember' has the same cover design as how I originally got it 18 years ago. 

Charles Pellegrino’s ‘Her Name, TITANIC’ book cover has been redesigned for personal taste. Truth to be told, I was not a big fan of the original cover which look like this.

Can’t believe I was about to throw them away for good. There’s always the option of buying another copy, but a new book cannot replace the one that you hold dear to while growing up. 

Besides, I take it as a chance to flex my (not-so-great) book binding skills. 

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These books were at least close to 20 years of age. 

Their original trade paperback covers were worn and torn (partly my fault - I was an irresponsible kid back then); so I decided to fix them myself. 

The black Bible-looking book is actually Dr. Robert Ballard’s ‘The Discovery of the Titanic’ - a reprinted 1998 copy. The original cover had a painting of the wreck by Ken Marschall which was ‘horrifically’ riddled with creases and folds and stains of old cellophane tapes. 

I ripped apart an old sketchbook cover that is coincidentally the right size and replace the poor bastard.

The two brown books were much older…. old as balls.

One is Walter Lord’s ‘A Night to Remember’ -  Bantam reissued in 1997, and the other is Dr. Charles Pellegrino’s ‘Her Name, TITANIC’ - first edition print in 1990. 

I’ve already designed cover jackets for these two books and had my brother to help me print them out. I’ll post more pictures later in their restored conditions later. 

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My collection of Titanic books through the years. Most of the books are falling apart due to age, especially the trade paperback covers. 

Last night, I manage to painstakingly repair my hardcover edition of ‘TITANIC’ - An Illustrated History that is 16 years old now.

I literary had to break the cover apart and assemble it over a soft cardboard piece to hold it in place. Sadly there’s a gorgeous White Star Line logo on back end of the cover pieces but sacrifices had to be made to save the whole book. 

Once I’ve fixed the cover, and let the glue dry overnight,  today is just putting back the cover jacket and apply a fresh book wrapping plastic to keep them together. 

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